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If you are pursuing education with the MHFED into Barbering and men’s hairdressing, we have the courses for you.

There are so many fantastic hairdressers putting their stuff out on line now it is hard to keep up and as a student or stylist it could easily become overwhelming and therefore give out the feeling of unattainability, in other words. I can’t do that!

We have all been there and bought the t-shirt! We’ve all been in a class and felt like a lemon!

We have been involved with the pioneering of on line education since 2007 and have seen many things evolve, change, grow and of course disappear. That’s the on-line world we live in!

We have recognised that there is a massive difference between watching someone do something great on line and actually doing it yourself in the salon where you work every day!

It’s about managing your expectations and the clients and remember client is king.

If you’re lucky in Salon you will have at the most an hour appointment with a client.

In that hour a client expects a good consultation (5-10 mins), great shampoo and head massage (10-15 mins) and a fantastic cut and blow dry with the time you have left before your next client. Boom!

Question: Where is the time to put in all the fancy sectioning that you watched on line???

Answer: There is no time!
So what happens is we don’t do it?
So what makes us different?
We manage expectations!
We know what your client wants!

All of our sectioning patterns are quick and easy to put in and easy to follow therefore making them quick to master. Once you have mastered something you will naturally want to sail into trickier, choppier waters which is fantastic because you will have the confidence to do so.

It’s ALL about the KIS! KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Our courses aim to deliver everything that you will need to succeed in today’s busy salons.

Foundation courses, Creative courses, Technical courses and Specialist courses are all here for you to explore in both cut and colour. For the Boys and for the Girls! The world is changing and we all need to change with it or get left behind! We will create for you an Individual Learning Plan depending on what it is exactly you want to learn and of course what your budget is.

All courses are costed at a daily rate. The more days you do the less you pay per day! You can also pick ‘n’ mix! Simple!



This 1 day course is designed for hairdressers and barbers who want to understand a generic structure when fading hair, something that can be replicated again and again.


This 1 day course is designed for beginners who have no experience in shaving. You will learn the health and safety precautions necessary prior and during the shave service. The correct product and equipment knowledge and how to shave in a barbershop to a professional standard.


This course is designed for individuals who already withold a basic understanding and a competent skill set when cutting men’s hair. Once completed this course you will be Level3 qualified and withhold advanced techniques with cutting, styling and cut throat shaving.


This introduction course is designed for a career in barbering. Our educators are all City & Guild qualified assessors and have a wealth of barbering skills to pass on to you for the start of your career journey.